nB nanoScale Biomagnetics

Instruments for Magnetic nanoHeating

nB nanoScale Biomagnetics is a technology based company dedicated to the production of scientific and biomedical instruments.

Formed in 2008 as a Spin Off Company coming from the University of Zaragoza, nB enters the market in 2010 as the best resource for researches and technology centers to develop specific or custom made equipment for induction heating experiments of nanostructured materials, whose main application is on Magnetic Hyperthermia.

The conception of DM100 and D5 Series comes from an unmet need among the scientific community. Its unique design is the result of the strategic partnership developed with the Aragón Institute of Nanosciences (INA).

nB nanoScale Biomagnetics is your ideal partner for your needs and initiatives on scientific and biomedical instrumentation.

nB nanoScale Biomagnetics is instrumentation for your ideas.


D5 Series

The next step on Magnetic nanoHeating research. Improved technology, unlimitted numberof frequency modes, more power, flexibility and expandability.

Magnetic Colloid for induction nanoheating


The only colloid specially designed for your research on inductive heating of nanoparticles. Magno guarantees repeatability, traceability and reliability.

Analysis Desk

The first insight to your next research project. We run your samples with D5 Series and you get a full report with all measured data ready to publish!

Measuring temperature

Attention to every detail makes a reliable system. The right way to measure temperature.


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