About us

Experts on the development of scientific and biomedical instrumentation

About us


nB nanoScale Biomagnetics is a technology based company established in 2008 with the objective of giving an answer to the instrumentation needs of magnetic hyperthermia research and other applications of nanoHeating, the magnetic heating of nanomaterials.

Our main line of products, the D5 Series, is an immediate and reliable tool for nanoHeating research through all its stages: from magnetic characterization to clinical application.

Installed in laboratories in more than 20 countries across the globe, nB’s instruments have set a new quality standard on the industry, and lead the way to reliable, scalable and affordable instrumentation for nanoHeating.


Our daily work is guided by the following objectives:

  • Become the technological gold standard of instrumentation for magnetic hyperthermia and magnetic heating applications of nanostructured systems.
  • Establish nB nanoScale Biomagnetics as a guarantee of the highest reliability and quality in the area of scientific and biomedical instrumentation providing integral solutions in measurement, automation and process control.
  • Develop strategic alliances that bring the maximum added value to our customers.


The original idea of nB comes from the Magnetic Hyperthermia Group (MHG) of the Institute of Nanoscience of Aragón (Spain). This group has been extensively working on the biomedical applications of nanostructured materials since its formation in 2005.

When the group started its activity, they encountered a major obstacle to achieve their objectives: the lack of specific magnetic hyperthermia instrumentation in the market. Then, group embraced the idea of producing the required technology by themselves, a process that carried many risks and implied many resources invested on it. The results were worth it: In 2006, the first prototypes were already working.

The outcome was such a success that the group decided on capitalizing the invested efforts and resources and market the solution. This is how nB was born as a Spin-off company coming from the University of Zaragoza.

During the last months of 2007, the commercial strategy began to take shape. The first draft of the business plan was submitted to the 16th edition of the IDEA contest, were it got the second position being prized as first finalist. During 2008, the business project is consolidated with the support of different national and regional organizations. This sets the ground floor for the search of private funding. On the scientific part of the project, the MHG received a special mention award at the 2008 edition of 3M Foundation prizes to innovation.

In 2010, nB successfully launched the DM100 Series, giving for the first time an integral and specific answer to researches working on magnetic heating of nanostructured materials and, more specifically, on magnetic hyperthermia. After years of perfecting the technology, in 2017 D5 Series is born providing more flexibility and new features. 

Currently, nB is working on new accessories that can be integrated into the D5 Series as well as on other scientific and biomedical instrumentation areas that can expand the company’s horizon.