Application notes

Laser accessory on G2 Driver, with planar coilset and CAT accessory

12 Nov Dual Magnetic and Photothermal Therapy

Introduction to Laser Accessory for dual Magnetic and Photothermal Therapy  Heating of nanomaterials may be activated by near-infrared (NIR) mediated by metallic nanoparticles (gold, silver, copper) or even semiconducting carbon nanotubes. LASER...

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Drug release monitor with solid sample holder and F1 Driver

06 Nov Drug Release Monitor Accessory

Introduction to Drug Release Monitor Accessory - DRM  Magnetic heating can be used as a trigger mechanism for on-demand drug release systems. D5 Series Drug Release Monitor (DRM) Accessory determines the...

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Explosion of microheat for direct microscopy

17 Sep Optical Microscopy Accessory

Introduction to Optical Microscopy Accessory μHeat The D5 Series μHeat Accessory is a real time alternating magnetic field application accessory for different types of optical microscopes. It enables magnetic heating procedures during...

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