Drug Release Monitor Accessory

Drug release monitor with solid sample holder and F1 Driver

06 Nov Drug Release Monitor Accessory

Introduction to Drug Release Monitor Accessory – DRM 

Magnetic heating can be used as a trigger mechanism for on-demand drug release systems. D5 Series Drug Release Monitor (DRM) Accessory determines the in-situ concentration released by smart materials activated remotely using an alternating magnetic field (AMF) with a D5 Series Driver.

Scheme of ferrogel activated remotely by an alternating magnetic (DRM)

Image 1. Scheme of ferrogel activated remotely by an alternating magnetic field (AMF)

Drug Release Monitor Characteristics

DRM is a versatile system that allows user to perform real time monitoring of drug released magnetically activated at different frequencies and field values.

Drug delivery is determined by UV-vis spectrophotometry and can perform trials in many configurations, working with macroscopic samples (e.g. ferrogels) or liquid samples (e.g. magnetic nanoparticles, magnetic liposomes…) depending on the user.

DRM includes two different sample holders for solid or liquid samples to introduce inside the coil.

Sample holder for solid and liquid samples for drug release monitor

Image 2. Sample holders: A) Ferrogel sample holder with temperature sensor; B) Colloids sample holder

Drug Release Monitor Features 

DRM registers the CONCENTRATION released by smart materials. Absorption and transmission spectrum, characteristic of each drug, is determined on real time by the SPECTROPHOTOMETER. The Software controls both the AMF intensity related with the temperature reached and the concentration released.

Drug Release Monitor Accessory

Image 3. Design of Drug Release Monitor Accessory for D5 Series

Magnetic nanoparticles are slowed down and retained in the MAGNETIC SEPARATOR, then the FILTER SET stop particles bigger than 10 µm so the sample continues its way into the Z flow and arrives clean at the spectrophotometer.

Different SAMPLE HOLDERS are available for solid and/or liquid samples. User is also enabled to operate in DIFFERENT WAVELENGTHS depending on the module and lamp selected and the drugs absorption requirements.

PERISTALTIC PUMP is activated through the Software, starts taking the sample from the reservoir and pushes it into the circuit. It includes a 10-turn POTENTIOMETER to adjust the PUMP’S SPEED allowing user to calibrate the FLOW RATE in different positions and use this value to calculate the mass release.



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