Magnetic heating

Magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) are really interesting for biomedical applications due to their ability to respond to external magnetic fields which allow their remotely manipulation for targeting, cell separation, drug delivery, and of course also as nanoHeaters to destroy the tumors. The requirements to use MNPs for clinical purposes are their stability in biological environments and their low toxicity, and also  their appropriate magnetic properties to be remotely activated by an external magnetic field.

Image 1. Relaxation process of the magnetic nanoparticles under the influence of an alternating magnetic field.

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Magnetic magnetoliposones for drug delivery

6 Nano-platforms for drug delivery

Research on drug release materials is increasing due to the high demand to improve their efficacy decreasing their cost. This approach allows us to administrate a pharmaceutical compound to achieve a therapeutic effect, delivering the drug to the right area, at the right time and at the right concentration.